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The mission of the Laurens Public Library Foundation is to benefit the community by raising, managing and distributing funds to enhance the services and collections of the library, and to increase public awareness of library needs and services.





The Foundation Board of Directors is made up of four members of the Laurens Public Library Board of Trustees and three appointed by the Laurens Public Library Board of Trustees from the community of Laurens and surrounding communities. 


President                   Jan Hersom                             

Vice-President          Julie Wurr                           

Secretary                   Connie Dallenbach 

Treasurer                   Pat Boughey

Member                      Dorothy Lamberti

Member                      Dwight Van Genderen

Member                      Eric Price




  • Electric Fireplace
  • Book Benches for Music Garden
  • Craft Supply Cupboard
  • Cupboard near the Circulation Desk
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
  • Digitize 2019 Laurens Sun


  • Special Interest Programs
  • Programs for Children and Adults
  • Memorial Books
  • Convert VHS to DVD
  • Books for New Baby Packets
  • CD Audio Books
  • Preschool Outreach Baskets
  • Kids Summer Reading Supplies


  •  Music Garden in City Park – featuring oversize outdoor musical instruments      
  • Digitize Laurens Sun 2015-2018
  • Outdoor Charging Station
  • Replace Stack Chairs
  • Automatic Doors for Bathrooms 
  • Supplement Puppet Collection
  • New PA System


       Stained Glass Window or Windows


will enable the Laurens Public Library to continue its tradition of excellence.

Please make checks payable to:

Laurens Public Library Foundation, Inc

273 North Third Street

Laurens, IA 50554


The purpose of the Laurens Public Library Foundation is to encourage and receive gifts, endowments, and bequests to support the development of library services for the community.  It was established as a non-profit corporation for educational purposes under Iowa law in 1992.


Gifts of any size from a few dollars to large estates are appreciated. Donations may be given as memorials by will, real estate, certificates of deposit, life insurance policies, bequests or other sources of funding. The Board of Directors of the Foundation will consider the wishes of the donor when deciding how to spend these funds.

            Gifts to the Laurens Public Library Foundation are deductible not only for income tax purposes but also for federal estate and Iowa inheritance tax purposes


Gift Clubs are designed to recognize Library donors.  All gifts received by the library are cumulative during each fiscal year (July 1-June 30).  Contributions to the sustaining fund, endowment fund, special purpose gifts, memorials, and bequests are totaled each year.  Gifts in any amount are needed and appreciated.

BOOK LOVER………………………... $50-99

READERS’ CIRCLE…………….…$100-249

AUTHORS’ CIRCLE…….....….…. $250-499

EDITORS’ CIRCLE……………..…$500-999

PUBLISHERS’ CIRCLE………$1,000-2,499

LITERARY CIRCLE………..…$2,500 & over


Contributions may take the form of:

  • Memorials honoring relatives or friends
  • Cash
  • Gifts through corporations or businesses
  • Property
  • Stocks or Securities
  • Bequests through wills or life insurance

A gift to the Foundation will

not replace tax supported services;

 it compliments and enhances them.